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La Valpolicella

territorioThe province of Verona occupies a privileged position in the geography of northern Italy. It lies near the western strip of the Venetian Pre-Alpine Hills, which extend from west to east behind the city and provide good protection from the coldest winds from northern Europe.

The city also benefits from the peculiar conformation of the initial slopes of the Pre-Alpine Hills themselves, the Lessinian Mountains, which rise to the north of the city, halfway between the provinces of Verona and Trento. The Pass of the Three Crosses is located in the Lessinian Mountains, at an altitude of 2070 m asl; masses of cold air descend from this pass, which are nevertheless heated up during their descent. In effect, the valley whose head is located at this pass and whose mouth spreads out near the village of Giazza (990 m asl) is always a very windy area.

In addition to the protective function of the Lessinians, the climate of Verona and the surrounding area is further mitigated by the presence of a large body of water, Lake Garda, which contributes to the creation of an ideal habitat for Mediterranean crops, as it attenuates the rigours of winter and the excessive heat of summer.

Thanks to its mild winters, especially in the hills, which are not subject to fog and humidity, and its relatively temperate summers, Verona has been a territory with a pronounced vocation for the cultivation of grapes and olives, which enjoy the most suitable geo-climatic conditions here for top quality production, since the most remote times in its history.

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